What's BartSpy?

BartSpy is a remarkably simple app that lets the BART commuter know when a train is arriving BEFORE you get to the station. By monitoring your location and notifying when you come within range of your favorite stations BartSpy alerts you with up to the minute information while you're on your way. Now you'll know whether or not you need to kick it into high gear to make that next train, or if you can take a leisurely stroll up to the platform. No more twisted ankles, busted thighs, broken heels, and bruised egos while making the mad dash from the parking lot into the station.

Without having to unlock your phone or search through all your apps, BartSpy notifies you of incoming trains as you arrive at the station by using geofencing technology. Mark stations as favorites, and let BartSpy take care of the rest. The BartSpy app doesn't even need to be running to do its job! Just configure it once and you're all set.